To my friend, mentor, and role model, Dr. Benton Baker III,
who taught me by his example, the importance of integrity, unselfishness,
and teamwork.
To my wife, Heidi, and to Koen and Kort,
for their unwavering love and support and
for reminding me daily of what is really important in life.
To Dr. John A. DeMoss, Founding Chair of the Department of Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston.
Dr. DeMoss served as Department Chair from 1971 until
he stepped down from that office in 1992, serving as Professor until 2001
when he became Emeritus Professor, his present position. Dr. DeMoss is that
unique kind of scholar who excels at both research and teaching. He loves
teaching and he is gifted at it. Dr. DeMoss not only has taught and
continues to teach generations of students, he also teaches faculty,
especially young faculty, how to teach and to love teaching. It is therefore
in gratitude for his teaching of us that we dedicate this book to
Dr. John A. DeMoss.
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