The mother of a 16-year-old female calls the clinic because of concerns about
her daughter’s eating habits. The mother states the she will not eat anything
and is obsessed with exercise and losing weight. She also states that her daugh-
ter has been more withdrawn from friends and family. After discussion with
the mother, the patient comes in for a physical examination. The patient is 5 ft
1 in tall and weighs 85 lb. She is in no acute distress but appears to have a
depressed affect. The patient states she is worried that her friends will think
she is fat if she eats more. She denies any binge eating. Her physical exami-
nation is normal, other than dry skin and thin fine hair on extremities.
Laboratory tests reveal that she is anemic and has a low albumin and magne-
sium level. She has normal liver and thyroid tests.
What is the most likely diagnosis?
What potential medical problems may develop in a patient
with this disorder?
How can this disorder affect her menstrual cycles?
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