The inspiration for this basic science series occurred at an educational retreat
led by Dr. Maximilian Buja, who at the time was the dean of the medical
school. It has been such a joy to work together with Drs. William Seifert and
Henry Strobel, who are both accomplished scientists and teachers, as well as
the other excellent authors and contributors. It has been rewarding to collabo-
rate with Dr. Konrad Harms, whom I have watched mature from a medical stu-
dent to resident and now a brilliant faculty member. I would like to thank
McGraw-Hill for believing in the concept of teaching by clinical cases. I owe
a great debt to Catherine Johnson, who has been a fantastically encouraging
and enthusiastic editor.
At the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, we would like to rec-
ognize Dr. Rodney E. Kellems, Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology, for his encouragement and delight in this project; Johnna
Kincaid, former Director of Management Operations for her support; Nina
Smith and Bonnie Martinez for their help in preparing the manuscript; and Amy
Gilbert for her assistance with the figures. We also would like to thank the many
students that have allowed us to teach them over the years and who have in the
process taught us. Dr. Seifert thanks his wife Margie for her encouragement,
patience, and support.
At Methodist Hospital, I appreciate Drs. Mark Boom, Karin Pollock-Larsen,
H. Dirk Sostman, and Judy Paukert, and Mr. John Lyle and Mr. Reggie Abraham.
At St. Joseph Medical Center, I would like to recognize our outstanding admin-
istrators: Phil Robinson, Pat Mathews, Laura Fortin, Dori Upton, Cecile
Reynolds, and Drs. John Bertini and Thomas V. Taylor. I appreciate Marla
Buffington’s advice and assistance. Without the help from my colleagues, Drs.
Konrad Harms, Jeane Simmons Holmes, and Priti Schachel, this book could not
have been written. Most important, I am humbled by the love, affection, and
encouragement from my lovely wife, Terri and our four children, Andy, Michael,
Allison, and Christina.
Eugene C. Toy
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